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BlueLotusCapsules Effects, Side Effects & Dosage Info

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The modern world is a stressful place, and for a growing number of people it can easily become overwhelming. A recent estimate suggests that there are over 8 million people in the US who are struggling with anxiety, and panic disorders. While many people suffering from this ailment, have visited a doctor, many feel too shy or embarrassed to ask for help.

BlueLotus (nymphaea caerulea) has been around since the 80's, yet all too many try to soldier on in silence never knowing the calming effects of this well-established Suppliment. Our FAQ list is here to help you find the answers you have been looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply scroll down this page to discover the answers to questions such as;

  • Why are Capsules different colours?
  • What dosage I use?
  • Is it safe to order capsules online?

It is because we specialize in the supply of this popular anti-anxiety suppliments, that we understand the importance of privacy and discretion. As can be seen in our privacy policy, your privacy is our priority.

Our FAQ list has been created using the most frequently asked questions we have received from our customers via phone, email, or live chat, and patient's details are never made public. So, if you have a question that we have not yet answered, you can contact us knowing all comments are confidential.


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Whether you are already using a branded product and looking for a cheaper another company, or wondering about possible side effects, our FAQ page is a great place to look.

Is the immediate or extended release capsules better for me?

This depends on how quick you need the capsules to work. The immediate-release is best for fast-acting results, while the extended-release provides a steady longer-lasting effect throughout the day.

Should I use the 500mg ?

If you are using the bluelotuscapsules for the first time, start with the 500mg capsules. As your dosage increases, switch to the 1000mg capsules. Towards the end of your treatment, when the dosage needs to be gradually decreased, you can use the 500mg capsules again. Elderly people or those with pre-existing conditions may find a lower recommended dose is more suitable, in their circumstances.

What is the difference between BlueLotusPowder and Extract?

Our Blue Lotus 100:1 extract powder is an all natural mood enhancing extract from the Blue Lotus flower that dissolves easily and has a mild, pleasant flavor. This extract has a relaxing effect on body and mind, while not causing fogginess or drowsiness. Some users also report that it helps them "open up" socially and with emotions, or to reduce stress.

Why are the capsules different colours then others?

The capsules are usually produced in a range of colours (green,Light Yellow) to differentiate between the strength, indicated by mg (e.g. 500mg, 1000mg, 250mg, 700mg). The colour and shape also depends on the manufacturers' ingredients.

Are these anti-anxiety capsules suitable for children?

No,BlueLotusCapsules is recommended for adults, 18 years and older.

How long should I take the BlueLotusCapsules?

The bluelotuscapsule is usually recommended as a short-term treatment, which can be 5 to 10 weeks, or longer Cause mostly there is not any side effect of this herbal suppliment its pure and 100% Natural.But still you can consult your Doctor for this .

Is it safe to order bluelotuscapsules online?

Yes, it can be safe to order bluelotuscapsules online, provided that you purchase from a trusted supplier, like us. This means a reputable website that only supplies FDA-approved medication and protects customer information by maintaining high security standards throughout the ordering process.

Do you deliver to my area?

We deliver to customers throughout the USA and EUROPE. For more information about your specific area, see the Delivery page or contact our customer support team.

How fast will I receive my order?

Once your order has been finalised (order approved, payment received and details provided), you should receive your order within a few days, depending on your area. You should also receive an estimated delivery time when placing your order online.

How do I cancel an order?

Contact our customer support team to discuss the order you need to cancel. It is important to review our Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy, which explains the cancellation options and processes.